FuzzyLab is a design consulting company helping to match product concepts with relevant brands.

Our consulting services primary focus on product and business development for small size companies and design start-ups, based on our more than 25 years international sales and marketing know-how.

FuzzyLab has also been appointed to be the local distributor in Scandinavia for two specific brands, which keep us updated from a more operational point. Our brands are Dopper and ShapingYourDay.

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HaveGolf - The Orginal

A golf garden game for fun and practice
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Latest news

New sculptural cutlery by Knud Holscher

18. August 2015

Dopper launches new purple color

13. August 2015
Case references

Holcher Cutlery

design for gense launched in 2015 Learn more

Mencke&Vagnby Mailbox

design for mefa launched in 2014 Learn more